Who we work with

Schemeta Associates

Schemeta is a small company so we have developed a strong team of strategic partners and associates who we work with on projects. Below are some of them.

  • We have built a strong working relationship with K-Int and have worked together on several strategic consultancy projects. In addition we formed a partnership called Vocabulary Management Group to deliver terminology management solutions.

  • gooiiGooii Limited
  • Schemeta partner Gooii to deliver a wide range of toolkits.
  • alphaplus logo
  • We have a strong working relationshsip with Alphaplus and have worked on a wide range of projects with them, in particular writing assessments for English and maths.
  • Learning Cultures logo
  • Schemeta provide training and coaching for Learning Cultures.
  • Bedford College Logo
  • We have a close relationship with Bedford College. Jenny was a governor for 10 years and we have undertaken several joint projects with them.
  • Logo:  Intercog
  • Jon Mason of InterCog has collaborated with Schemeta on several projects.
  • We have also recently worked with Acer and and FE Sussex.