treesFrom training to toolkits, coaching, assessment writing and post-16 education expertise.

We are here to help:

  • Working with managers and teachers to improve the quality of learning and teaching through coaching and training
  • Developing English and mathematics assessments
  • Designing multimedia resources that engage and motivate learners
  • Developing online self-assessment toolkits, based on maturity models, that provide reports to support individuals or groups
  • Managing education projects

Our UK and international clients include government departments, awarding bodies, multimedia companies, schools, FE colleges, broadcasters and businesses.

Mike Collett and Jenny Hunt formed Schemeta Ltd in 2002 specialising in e-learning consultancy and training in the post-16 sector.

Schemeta developed a range of toolkits as part of the RedEToolkit team with partner Gooii including for the NHS, AELP, ETF, Towards Maturity and Ready4Off.

The Vocabulary Management Group delivered software and consultancy to manage knowledge. It was formed in partnership with Knowledge Integration who have now taken over. Mike of Schemeta remains involved with the Lexaurus product with the K-Int team.